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Solving Industries Braking Point

Offshore and Marine

From the smallest air tugger unit, through to the largest mooring winch systems,  Friction Components and Systems Ltd has the knowledge and experience to deal with all the friction requirements for the North Sea Oil Industry and beyond.

With over twenty five years experience servicing the oil industry's needs, we are ideally placed to offer the level of service and delivery required.

Our workforce at Friction Components and Systems Ltd have built up an enviable database of the operational brake and clutch components functioning on the platforms, semis and vessels operating in and around the north sea sector.

Always aware of the importance and safety factors concerned in all braking functions, Friction Components and Systems Ltd only ever uses top quality friction materials that will consistently give our clients the best braking performance for the application.

We will constantly strive to give the best quality friction relining and supply service "where brakes apply".

From oil rigs, semi-submersibles to oil support vessels, Friction Components & Systems Ltd guarantee a quick, effective solution to all requirements.

Wherever machinery starts or stops, lifts and lowers, our experience and comprehensive range of friction materials provides the assurance you need.




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