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Solving Industries Braking Point

Friction Materials

Friction Components Ltd provide an extensive range of brake and clutch products and services, guaranteeing an effective solution to all requirements.

In all sectors, especially across the dynamic oil and marine industries that the company serves, success is often determined by the ability to apply leading technology and precision design, with durable, long-lasting braking performance.

The company has a rich history of innovation and application and continues to pioneer products, services and effective solutions through the application of its braking knowledge and expertise across industry boundaries.

The company manufacturers, relines and installs the complete array of proprietary brake and clutches and as official distributors of Wichita, continues its tradition of developing and providing the the best and most technologically advanced products and solutions.

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friction wheels gear cut friction disc sintered friction sintered friction disc

gear cut friction disc            

 sintered friction gear

 sintered friction disc




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